My goal is to add great value to YOU by giving you critical knowledge and offering creative solutions for your success. I inspire people to dream big and to do tangible things that are guaranteed to help them raise funds or make a difference to their world. I believe in lifelong learning and as an inspirational leader, I am committed to my personal development and would love to help YOU on your journey to be the best that you can be!


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AmickyCarol Akiwumi is a Social Entrepreneur, a Fundraising Consultant, Trainer and Inspirational Speaker with a passion for Stewardship, Leadership and Financial Sustainability. She is passionate about helping people and organisations unlock their potential in those areas. With a sharp business acumen acquired from over two decades of working in financial services and the third sector, she is able to able to create innovative and enhanced propositions to acquire or increase funding from a wide variety of income streams. AmickyCarol is a Fellow and Trustee of the Institute of Fundraising UK, a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals USA and served as Chair of Black Fundraisers UK for five years until November 2017. She is the Founder and CEO of Money4Youth a movement that empowers individuals and organisations with financial education and entrepreneurial skills.

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