Navigating Fundraising Waters: Guidance for Trustees 

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Dear Trustees,

In a recent session for Getting on Board, I had the privilege of sharing crucial insights about Traditional and Innovative types of fundraising, and I’m delighted to share a brief recap to keep the momentum alive. I believe every trustee, especially those new to the role, should feel equipped and ready to steer their organisations towards financial health and mission success. So, here are the key highlights and nuggets to keep in your trustee toolkit.

Fundraising Essentials Unveiled:

Fundraising isn’t just about finances; it’s a strategic imperative for your organisation’s vitality. I highlighted the profound impact you, as new trustees, can have on steering nonprofits toward long-term sustainability. Your role is more significant than you might have imagined.

Diverse Fundraising Landscape:

We explored a diverse array of fundraising methods. From traditional routes like individual giving and grants to innovative strategies like peer-to-peer fundraising and impact investing, each method has its unique characteristics. Understanding this diversity is key to making informed decisions.

Strategic Initiatives for Success:

You received practical strategies to kickstart your fundraising journey. Whether it’s strategic planning, community engagement, or diversification, consider this as your roadmap. Your journey in navigating the fundraising seas begins with a clear sense of direction.

Tools for Seamless Navigation:

Streamlined processes are essential. That’s why I introduced you to tools, from donor management systems to online fundraising platforms. These aren’t just tools; they are your allies, helping you navigate the fundraising landscape with ease.

Empowering Trustees to Lead:

In conclusion, I want you to feel empowered with a sense of purpose. Fundraising is not a challenge; it’s an opportunity landscape. You, as trustees, must embrace your role as stewards of change, contributing to the thriving success of your organisations.

Adopt my winning philosophy:

A strategic blend of expertise and passion, often manifesting as wisdom and enthusiasm, set the stage for impactful missions and financial stewardship.

Most importantly, remember that at it’s core, Fundraising is expressing our deeply held beliefs in a way that invites others to join us in becoming #WorldChangers, working together to achieve our shared vision and mission.

Check out the full presentation here, go here for quality fundraising events and training and here’s to a successful journey ahead!

Best wishes,

AmickyCarol x

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